If your customers are using Microsoft Teamsthere’s a real opportunity for you to add value for them.  Our direct routing capability is the perfect integration for voice calls – it’s simple to install, cost effective, and fully Microsoft compliant. We offer per-user pricing and are working with IT resellers and voice resellers to allow you to create bespoke packages that really benefit customers. Now is the time to make the most of this fantastic opportunity so you and your clients stay ahead of the game. 

As communication methods multiply, seamless integration is vital to ensure satisfied customers. Despite the proliferation of messaging tools and apps, voice calls remain an important part of many businesses. High quality calls to both colleagues and outside connections can help with employee and customer satisfaction and boost business. Companies want simplified, unified communications systems, with one device for all activities.  For anyone using MS Teams, our direct routing technology makes call integration easy, and at a fraction of the cost of Microsoft’s own calling plan. Don’t miss out, be the first to offer this solution to your customers.  

How does our technology benefit your customers? 

Our offer of per user pricing can lead to significant savings for your customers, since it allows them the flexibility to only pay for what they use.  Unlimited UK minutes are included as standard. Inbound and outbound international calls can be made to 150 countries, making our plan one of the best available on the market. We also support cloud-based call recording – ideal for customer service teams, and helpful to other users so they can check details from calls and transcribe meetings. Standard and free phone numbers are available, and we have decades of experience in number provision and porting.  We also offer high quality sales support with everything you need to achieve success.  

On a more technical note, we use Tier 1 carrier grade infrastructure, and of course, we are fully compliant with Microsoft requirements.  No onsite hardware is required, integration is as simple as ticking a box and we’ll do the rest. We’ll organise a seamless transition to migrate any existing solution.  We do this by connecting via an onsite PBX, alternative VOIP product or Skype for Business.  Our international SIP trunks are designed for high volume wholesale use and can be terminated anywhere in the world.  

So if you are an IT reseller whose customers use MS Teams or are thinking about it, then we can easily add in voice calls to the package you are offering. If you are a voice reseller we’d urge you to talk to your customers who have Skype for Business (under 500 licences) as soon as possible, and see how much you could save them.  

Why now? 

With just over five years to go until ISDN lines are switched off, Skype for Business being phased out for under 500 users, and increasing adoption of Microsoft Teams, now is the perfect time to talk to your customers about using V12s direct routing technology before someone else does.  

What next? 

 We’re the only provider offering per user pricing and unlimited UK minutes, it’s is a unique package.  Our solution allows your customers to communicate with the widest possible audience without added complications – can you afford not to talk about voice calls for MS Teams? 

We’ve already had a great deal of interest in the first few weeks/months we’ve been offering this direct routing technology. Remember, we can provide full support to enable you to showcase the benefits to customers. Allow us to use our expertise, experience, and first-class technology to boost your business.  

Call 01793 838300 or email info@V12.co.uk.