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External Calling for Microsoft Teams

Flow diagram showing relationship of users to Microsoft Teams and V12's External Calling Solution

At V12 we have developed a simple, intuitive and cost-effective Direct Routing solution which enables Teams users to easily make and receive external calls. With free UK dialling and over 150 international codes available, our services have been deployed in the UK and abroad across a number of sectors including Energy, Technology, Retail and Telecoms.

In addition to being able to use your laptop and headset or your smartphone for calls, we can also provide you with a wide range of Microsoft approved handsets and Conference Phones.

Teams is recognised as Microsoft’s fasting ever selling application and as such is the central flagship solution for communication and collaboration in the Microsoft roadmap.

Direct Routing is Microsoft’s method of partnering with voice specialists such as V12 to leverage the benefits users can get from Teams. Direct Routing provides you with freedom from the restrictions and limitations of Microsoft Calling Plans.

Our Direct Routing service is cloud based, does not require any onsite hardware and it’s not subject to any ongoing maintenance or support charges.

Make sure your business is not left behind as Microsoft phases out Skype for Business and the UK telephone network migrates to IP technology by switching off the legacy PSTN and ISDN networks.

If you would like to know more about this great value, easy to deploy solution, contact us today.

Why Choose V12 as your External Calling Provider for Microsoft Teams?

Our clients have found significant business advantages in migrating to voice with Microsoft Teams. Using this cloud-based, future-proof technology, you are provided with a single, secure environment for voice and video.

Commercially Compelling

  • Per-user pricing — simple and intuitive for any Microsoft Teams user

  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles are included
  • Inbound and outbound international calls can be made to 150+ countries around the world
  • Standard and freephone numbers are available
  • Unlimited in-country local call packages in 30 countries

  • One-month free Teams > PSTN call recording included as standard

A Quality Solution

  • Delivered via Tier 1 carrier grade infrastructure

  • Fully compliant with Microsoft requirements

  • No on-site hardware, ongoing maintenance or support charges

  • Our International SIP trunks are designed for high volume wholesale use and can be terminated anywhere in the world

Pain Free Transition

  • V12 will ensure exactly what is needed to migrate any existing solution to ensure a seamless transition

  • We can connect any MS Teams user to voice whether they are using an onsite PBX, an alternative VOIP product or Skype for Business

  • V12 has decades of expertise in number provision and porting

  • All moves and changes are made via your Teams client

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked about Direct Routing. If you would like to know the answer to something that is not covered here, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

What are the business advantages of migrating to voice with MS Teams?2020-09-17T10:31:14+01:00
  • Cloud-based, future proof technology
  • Teams allows all users to make internal and external calls in a fully secure Microsoft environment
  • Teams with voice enables agile working, improves productivity and positively impacts on collaboration
  • Online meetings and conferences for up to 250 participants
  • Team chat and instant messaging
  • You can manage everything from within your Teams client
How Does Direct Routing Work?2020-09-17T10:36:27+01:00

Direct Routing allows users of Microsoft Teams to make calls through a telecoms provider such as V12, rather than Microsoft.

  • In the traditional model, customers would purchase, install and configure a Session Border Controller (SBC) from a Microsoft Certified partner. Once installed the SBC would then be connected to Microsoft Teams via SIP trunks and require maintenance and support throughout its life.
  • Choosing V12 as your supplier removes the need for any onsite SBC hardware as this functionality takes place in the cloud. The upshot is a simple, per user model with no ongoing maintenance or support requirements.
What Microsoft 365 licence do you need to access Direct Routing?2023-05-18T15:44:53+01:00

Less than 300 Users
The first 300 users in your organisation can choose from:

  • Microsoft 365 Business + Teams Phone Standard
  • Microsoft E1/E3 + Teams Phone Standard
  • Microsoft E5 (compatible with Direct Routing as standard)

More than 300 Users
All additional users must utilise the following:

  • Microsoft E5 (compatible with Direct Routing as standard)

Once you have the appropriate licence, you simply need to add Direct Routing from V12.

Bespoke Microsoft licences are also available for organisations involved in the Education, Non-Profit and Government sectors; the above also applies to these categories.

Please note that Teams Phone Standard licences must be purchased from a Microsoft Reseller or Partner.

Can Direct Routing accomodate analogue Devices?2020-09-10T15:43:52+01:00


  • If you have analogue devices such as lift phones, they can be connected to Teams via Direct Routing. All call traffic between analogue devices and Teams users stays within the organisation.
Are Desk phones and Conference phones compatible with Teams?2020-09-17T10:35:43+01:00

Yes, in addition to your laptop, headset or smart phone there are a number of Microsoft approved devices available.

Can an existing Teams user add voice?2020-09-17T12:01:06+01:00

Yes. Once you have established that you have the correct Microsoft licence, as detailed above, you can simply order Direct Routing from V12 to make external calls.

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