Multi-Network Voice SIM Cards

One SIM for all the networks allows you to remain connected at all times.

No single network has flawless coverage or service and so when it comes to complex or mission-critical connectivity solutions, basic SIM cards leave you exposed. You need the best connectivity possible, no matter where you are.

Why do I need a multi-network voice SIM?

If you rely on cellular coverage to communicate using voice, text or data and your network is not giving you a signal, you have a significant problem. At V12 we offer a solution to that problem with our multi-network voice SIM.

Multi-Network Voice SIM from V12 icon

What is a multi-network voice SIM?

It’s a SIM card that operates on multiple UK networks and allows you to roam between them. If there’s a signal available, you’ll have access to it.

Key Features

  • Un-steered Multi-Network SIMs — Seamless roaming between O2, Vodafone & 3, connecting to the strongest signal to provide you with the best possible connection
  • 4G — All network connections run over 4G

  • Work anywhere — Be contactable, wherever you are

  • Remote working — Avoid single-network not-spots

  • Security — Additional support for lone workers

  • Alarms — State of the art, enhanced connectivity for alarm systems

  • Dual SIM — You can utilise your existing network as your primary and our SIM as a backup whenever required

  • Bespoke packages — We can design Voice, Text and Data packages to suit your company needs