V12 Telecom, the privately-owned telecommunications company that provides voice, data and mobile services to clients and partners on a global basis, has recently implemented Direct Routing for OpSec Security, the premiere brand security solutions provider.

OpSec offers the broadest array of brand and document security products to top-tier companies, associations, governments, and institutions globally. In addition to their world- class solutions in product and document authentication, OpSec’s online security offering, OpSec OnlineTM, takes a unique approach through the latest in geo-targeting, visible listing searches and marketplace monitoring, so product and content infringers can be taken and removed from online channels. This can lead to an order of magnitude increases in recovery of both revenues and reputation.

EMEA/APAC IT Manager Andrew McGuigan said:

“We were opening a new office in London earlier this year and moving to Microsoft Teams. To complement Teams, I needed a flexible and secure comms package that I could easily manage in the cloud, and we needed it really quickly. So, I made an enquiry via the V12 website and Charles got back to me straightaway.

“V12 has been doing this for years and while there are other providers offering Direct Routing, V12’s solid expertise and investment in new technology puts them ahead of the competition. Charles came back quickly with a quotation in-line with our expectations for exactly what we needed. The combination of responsiveness, expertise and functionality was key to our choice of provider.

“At the time we didn’t know that COVID-19 was going to hit so hard, and this could have caused quite a delay on some of our projects if Charles’ team hadn’t implemented the solution extremely quickly. It’s been a huge help to get the team working from home as effectively as if they were in the office. It’s a big advantage to be able to literally stand up a telephone system with a few clicks on the Microsoft portal and a few commands, all from the comfort of my own home.”

V12 Opsec Case Study

“So, when it comes to replacing existing telephone systems, it certainly seems to be the way to go. The traditional on-premise or traditional cloud providers seem very ‘20th Century’, expensive and inflexible compared to Direct Routing for Teams. We are already in discussion with V12 for our upcoming requirements in the UK, China and Japan.”

“OpSec is an extremely dynamic organisation that has to make a lot of IT choices at short notice, so I have to be ready for anything. I like to have plans in place so if I get a last minute request, I can pull something out of the hat. With V12, and the professional support of Charles and his team, I know that I can deliver what my company needs, when it needs it.”

Charles Rickett, Managing Director at V12 Telecom said:

“We are delighted to have OpSec as a customer. Andrew already knew that MS Teams can make voice and telephony extremely simple and cost-effective for Enterprise and business users; but those benefits, and how you can take advantage of them, are not always made clear by Microsoft. MS Teams with voice improves worker productivity, positively impacts culture and collaboration—within and beyond an organisation. We look forward to many years of delivering solutions and bespoke support to Andrew and his team at OpSec.”

To view our full PDF case study please click the link below.