Demand from businesses has always been high to unify and simplify communications. If you look back 10 years at the average office, phones were for calls and computers were for data. Now the lines are increasingly blurred with the option of one device being able to do it all. The default position of more and more employees today is not a phone on their desk to make calls, but to make calls via a laptop with a headset. The convenience, therefore, of integrating call functionality with as popular an application as Microsoft Teams is simply meeting a fundamental need of organisations. 

It is Direct Routing technology that has made the integration of calling functionality possible for Microsoft Teams users. Direct Routing enables employees to make phone calls via Microsoft Teams using their preferred telephony provider. While Microsoft do offer their own Calling Plan, this option is expensive and doesn’t have all the benefits that Direct Routing can bring.   


How does Direct Routing work? 

Direct Routing enables Microsoft Phone System customers to make and receive calls in Teams. There are two ways to deploy Direct Routing: either by using on-premise Session Border Controllers and connecting them to SIP trunks, or by utilising a cloudbased service whereby the customer can access hosted infrastructure without the capital cost and ongoing maintenance implications.  


What are the benefits of Direct Routing? 

Direct Routing is more cost-effective option than Microsoft’s calling plan. At V12 we offer per user pricing, which means that you only pay for however many of your team will be using the solution, rather than paying a blanket fee; this is especially beneficial as it can lead to significant savings.  

Secondly, if you have already entered into a contract with a Telecoms Provider you can move to Microsoft Teams and stay in your existing contract, enabling you to mix and match the voice applications you choose to use.  

Thirdly, Direct Routing will give you access to a variety of different dialling plans that cover elements such as countries and pricing structures, so you have more options to find a plan that meets youneeds.  

Additionally, Telecoms providers are far more experienced at number provision and number porting. Entrusting them with this task is sure to make your transition easier, quicker and less stressful.  


What are the specific benefits of Direct Routing via V12? 

V12 can integrate voice with Microsoft Teams in a highly cost-effective way. We are currently the only provider to offer per user pricing which includes unlimited UK minutes. Standard and freephone numbers are available. Inbound and outbound international calls can be made to 150 countries around the world – making this one of the best calling plans on the market. 

Our Direct Routing solution is delivered via Tier 1 carrier grade infrastructure and we are fully compliant with Microsoft requirements. There is no requirement for onsite hardware and our International SIP trunks are designed for highvolume wholesale use and can be terminated anywhere in the world. 

Our decades of expertise in number provision and porting means you are in safe hands. We will determine exactly what is needed to migrate any existing solution to ensure a seamless transition.  Furthermore, we can connect any Microsoft Teams user to voice whether they are using an onsite PBX, an alternative VOIP product, or Skype for Business. 


V12 Direct Routing supports cloudbased call recording

V12 Direct Routing also supports cloud-based call recording. A value-added feature of our SIP trunk, this means users can record, store and play back calls, making it easy to transcribe meetings, catch anything that was misheard on a call, or simply replay discussions. 


How does integrating calls with Microsoft Teams improve productivity? 

Microsoft Teams is the fastest selling Microsoft product of all time and is now used by 200,000 organisations. Many businesses share and sync files, manage projects and chat through Microsoft Teams. For the wider team, having the additional ability to integrate voice calls helps reduce the number of face-to-face meetings, saving time and business expenses. For sales and customer service teams, call recording can help employees develop better skills and grow professionally by using recorded calls as examples in training. This amalgamation of features increases real time collaboration and improved performance across time zones and geographies, ultimately leading to improved productivity.  

Please get in touch if you wish to collaborate with V12 on this offering as we have a generous commission package for resellers.