ATOG chooses Direct Routing for remote working overseas

ATOG (Anglo Tunisian Oil and Gas) is an independent oil producing company whose operations are in Tunisia, with an executive team located in Farnborough.

The initial challenge arose when ATOG had to decide where to relocate to and whether or not to continue with their existing phone system for external calling. Since they had already adopted Microsoft Teams across the company, it was decided that using Direct Routing to add external calling functionality in one secure environment was the more modern and flexible way to achieve this.

When ATOG moved to Farnborough, V12’s proposal was to provide handsets in the new offices for reception and the boardroom, together with an additional conference phone in Tunisia, with the rest of the staff using the Microsoft Teams client on the PC and smartphones. Having the ability to use the UK phone number from all their devices, in any location, proved particularly useful, especially when overseas. During the first Covid-19 lockdown, in was invaluable.

Mark Ashford, ICT Manager for ATOG commented:

“I’ve worked with Charles and the team at V12 for a number of years and rolling out Direct Routing across ATOG went extremely smoothly. We have seen an increase in the adoption of voice and video, via Teams, across the industry during the pandemic, as people have had to adjust to the reduction in face-to-face meetings.”

“This is a project operating on two continents and the ease and speed with which we’ve been able to add users has been a major advantage. In the future we are looking to roll Direct Routing out to new planned operations centres in Tunisia, using the existing format as a template.”

Charles Rickett, Managing Director of V12 Telecom added:

“With our experience of operating in the Energy sector, we knew that using Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams would be the ideal solution for this project. ATOG needed the ultimate in future flexibility, whilst at the same time relocating to new offices in the UK.”

“Subsequent events have meant that staff no longer visit their offices in the UK as regularly as before and this has only further proved the benefits of using Teams as a secure single platform for voice and video, no matter where you’re located. We’ve very much enjoyed working with Mark and his colleagues and we look forward to being involved further as they expand their activities.”

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