Instant growth for Auckland Micro

Having built a strong relationship over the past two years, Auckland Micro recently became official partners with V12 Telecom. Established in 2004, Auckland Micro offer strategic planning, design, implementation and support services in IT, predominantly in the shipping, energy industries.

V12 provide Auckland Micro’s clients with solutions including hosted telephony, leased lines, broadband and mobile. The services available were key reasons Aukland Micro became official partners. Chris Taylor Reed, Auckland Micro’s Managing Director, explains:

“We were looking for someone to offload the management and responsibility of looking after our clients’ solutions. When we found V12, a company we could trust to do this with, we were very happy to do so.”

Once Auckland Micro decided to become partners, they found the process fantastically straightforward:

“It was extremely easy. We basically supplied our company details and were able to offer phone services, leased lines or other connectivity to our customers straight away. It was completely seamless to set up.”

“We offer the whole package”

The Partner Programme allows V12’s partners to take advantage of all services on offer. New products can be marketed to existing clients and comprehensive packages assist in winning new business. Chris has already found this to be the case:

“We have just completed an installation with a new client where we were able to offer unified communications, mobiles and internet connectivity. The Partner Programme means that we can take care of what we do and put everything else across to V12.”

“A very beneficial alliance”

“We can now offer hosted voice and mobile telephony. We can say to anybody that we offer the whole package.”

“It’s early days, but we’ve already been surprised at the increase in business we’ve received due to our partnership with V12.”

Both V12 and Auckland Micro look forward to working together for the foreseeable future. Chris is clearly delighted with what he has seen so far:

“I have found it to be a very beneficial alliance and I would certainly recommend V12 and the Partner Programme.”