Multi-Network Data SIMs are experiencing a real surge in popularity as businesses realise the benefits of having access to multiple mobile networks wherever and whenever it’s needed. This simple device has revolutionised how many businesses operate and simultaneously delivered more security, flexibility and efficiency to several functions and roles.

Here are some helpful facts about the solution which more and more industries are confidently integrating into their everyday operations.

Multi-Network Data SIMs at a glance

Multi-Network Data SIMs are what they say they are, SIMs with access to multiple mobile networks to ensure the best coverage. This means that they allow roaming, enabling devices to share and receive data on the move and in remote locations, irrespective of an individual network’s performance. These SIMs are designed for data and so should be thought of as an IoT solution sharing valuable, realtime information.

Why You Should Consider Multi-Network Data SIMs

When we think of the value that these SIMs deliver, we may imagine remote workers moving from location to location, desperately trying to get much needed coverage to do their jobs. This is only one aspect of the SIM’s role. Many of the SIMs we provide are never seen by humans; they offer value in a multitude of areas, from haulage to public transport and emergency vehicles, being attached to devices, feeding critical data to the necessary function. They can deliver data from CCTV and alarms, track vehicles, manage asset inventories and then also, as you’d imagine, support handheld payment devices, lone worker tablets and communication solutions. In any situation where constant connectivity is required, a Multi-Network Data SIM is the answer. That’s a lot of situations…

What are the Benefits of our Multi-Network Data SIMs?

  • Unsteered 4G – they select the best signal rather than a preferred network
  • Specialized IoT Data SIMs (no cold calls or spam texts)
  • Data can be capped – No need to worry about going over budget
  • IMEI locking – SIMs can be locked to a specific device to avoid misuse. They can be easily unlocked and moved to a different device, but only by those authorised to do so
  • Aggregated data – data is pooled and shared across all SIMs giving optimum utilisation
  • Shipped and ready when needed – Dormant SIMs can be shipped so that they are available and ready for use when needed. SIMs aren’t billed until they are active
  • Fixed IPs – we can supply fixed IP addresses for extra flexibility and security

If you want to know more about what this solution could do for your business, please do get in touch. We’re always happy to chat about our products and solutions.