V12’s Partner Programme allows Macom Consulting to focus on their strengths and add strings to their bow

Macom Consulting are a global IT consultancy firm for the SME energy sectors. Communication is key, so the efficient service V12 provides with their Partner Programme gives Macom an edge in their international markets.

“Its great to actually speak to someone”

Mark Ashford, Director of Macom, is used to building working relationships around the world. Having worked with V12 from as early as 2000 he has a strong insight into how the company operates:

“It’s having someone we can go to that has a close relationship with the likes of BT. It’s great to actually be able to speak to someone as opposed to being just another number and being bumped around the system until you get through to the right person.”

“We can provide everything needed”

On top of excellent customer service, businesses benefit from services that offer solutions for a range of needs. Mark has identified this as a benefit you get from V12’s Partner Programme

“It adds another string to our bow. If we’re doing a relocation or an office configuration for a client, not only can we provide them with IT services, but also connectivity, the phone systems and even unified communications.”

V12 have nearly two decades of experience in the communications industry. Expert knowledge and hands-on expertise gives their partners the peace of

“We can get on with what we do”

mind that the service is at an impeccable standard. Mark is confident that V12 will get the job done when called upon:

“Being partners with V12 makes it so much easier to move a client into a new office. We can just say ‘this is what’s needed’ and we have the confidence that they will provide the best solution to what is required with little input necessary from us.”