V12 Makes Doing Business Easy

Relying on a unified comms provider makes life easier for businesses. You don’t have to spend time and effort choosing multiple providers for each communications aspect of your business. And, if you have any queries or issues, you turn to only one business for a solution, not multiple ones.

“If we didn’t have V12 we would have to shop around for different solutions from various suppliers. It gives us that stability to pick up the phone, knowing that the only company we need to deal with is V12.” (Coverpoint Solutions).

Partnering with V12 means you get a lasting relationship that ensures your needs are thoroughly understood and taken care of efficiently and professionally.

“We were after a personal ‘one-to-one’ relationship where we could pick up the phone and get a result straight away rather than going through various departments when you have a problem. V12 were very receptive of this.” (Coverpoint Solutions)

Setting up is easier with one telecoms solution provider who can ensure that all your comms work together perfectly.

“It was extremely easy. We basically supplied our company details and were able to offer phone services, leased lines or other connectivity to our customers straight away. It was completely seamless to set up.” (Auckland Micro)

Most importantly, with V12, you are working with a company that has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Charles Rickett, co-founder and Managing Director of V12, personally oversees operations throughout your partnership. Charles will work with you, looking at where you are now, what benefits you could realise and together, you decide where you want to be. He ensures that each partner receives a personal approach and the highest level of service. Charles is the first person you can turn to for advice and subsequent delivery of telecommunications, connectivity and data services/management.