V12’s customer service saves Coverpoint Solutions time and money as Official Partners

For over ten years Coverpoint Solutions have used V12 Telecom for their telephony needs. Coverpoint provides IT services to countless shopping centres and property management companies; they have been official partners with V12 for many years and don’t see that changing any time soon.

“A personal ‘one-to-one’ relationship”

Martin Pollard, Director at Coverpoint Solutions, recalls they were having trouble with their previous providers before contacting V12:

“We were after a personal ‘one-to-one’ relationship where we could pick up the phone and get a result straight away rather than going through various departments when you have a problem. V12 were very receptive of this.”

V12 pride themselves on customer service as Martin has found if he ever needs to call them with a problem:

“The time saved is priceless. With V12 you get a call back within a few minutes by just calling or emailing them. Their swift response and action saves us a massive amount of time, work and money every year.”

“The partnership increases our offering”

The number of services from V12 allows partners to provide a complete package to clients and secure more business, leading to higher revenue with little effort required. Martin explains:

“The partnership with V12 increases our offering. Initially we used them for telephone lines, but now we can provide mobile, cloud telephony and various connectivities. We even get commission payments on the lines which we certainly never got from previous providers.”

V12’s wide range of solutions creates a ‘one-stop shop’ for partners, giving you the opportunity to offer additional revenue streams to current and new clients, as well as saving time by using one trusted supplier. Coverpoint Solutions are very aware of this benefit:

“If we didn’t have V12 we would have to shop around for different solutions from various suppliers. It gives us that stability to pick up the phone, knowing that the only company we need to deal with is V12.”

A ten year business relationship doesn’t happen by accident. V12 are always looking to improve their offerings and maintain their personable customer service. Coverpoint know this and reap the benefits. Martin is sure that V12’s Partner Programme is the perfect platform for your communication needs:

“Whenever anyone asks us where to go for a leased line, telephone line or similar, the only company we recommend is V12.”