We have now implemented our business continuity plan to enable all our staff to work remotely. The measures we have taken will ensure service delivery and maintenance of our usual high levels of support, whilst also carrying out our duty of care for our staff, customers, partners and their families. I am proud to confirm that our team has shown its usual professional resilience and we are continuing to work as normal.

Government travel restrictions and health guidelines have not affected our ability to maintain our usual levels of contact with customers, partners and prospects. As this may last for some time, we are stepping up our use of video and audio conferencing to stay connected with you. We encourage you to contact us for any reason. We would love to hear from you, even if it’s just to say hello or to catch up.

These are difficult times. We hope that in working together we will maintain a solid relationship and with a little patience, overcome any issues.

In the meantime, we all hope that you, your family and colleagues stay safe and healthy.

Best regards,
Charles Rickett
Managing Director