How multi-network data SIMs keep your business connected just when you need it most

No mobile network coverage is perfect and if your business relies on mobile data connectivity, then multi-network data SIM technology could play a key role in your success.

Multi-network data SIMs operate on more than one network, thereby delivering assurance that your business will be connected whenever you need it. The use cases for multi-network data SIMs are almost limitless.

  • Retail; for digital signage, point of sale and vending machines
  • CCTV; equipment used in multiple sectors including retail, commercial, hospitality and manufacturing
  • Transport and Logistics; firms are using multi-network data SIMS to manage their fleets, storage and distribution processes, as well as to track assets
  • Public transport; providers are using connected dashboard cameras for compliance and safety purposes
  • Utilities; companies are improving their own productivity, as well as the services they deliver to customers by using connected sensors to monitor the performance of their assets. Adoption of multi-network data SIMs is explosive in the gas, electricity, green energy and water industries.
  • Public Sector; multi-network data SIMS are being used for smart cities, providing control over lighting, information about parking, digital signage, and supporting self-service kiosks
  • Law enforcement; agencies are using connected bodycams for public protection and safety purposes
  • Safety and security; organisations are deploying multi-network data SIMs to control access into buildings, lock facilities remotely, assure that CCTV is always-on, and to provide personal alarms where appropriate

Having provided a flavour of what this technology is capable of, let’s delve deeper into usage cases across industries in this series of articles, beginning with retail.

The last few years have been challenging in many sectors, but none more so than in retail, where delivering a memorable customer experience is firmly at the top of the agenda. The last thing any retailer needs is not having the necessary connection to be able to deliver services to their customers and the additional stress this can create. Imagine a customer arriving at a store with an e-voucher and the retailer’s connection failing, or even attempting to take payments in-store over the busy Christmas period and suffering from loss of connection. Beyond commercial transactions, retailers rely on facilities like digital signage and CCTV that need to be always-on. Multi-network data SIMs remove the problem of connectivity failures for retailers, delivering confidence in the provision of a compelling experience and freeing them up to focus on their most important asset – their customers.

V12’s multi-network data SIMs automatically seek out the best network coverage for retailers, wherever they are trading. Our SIMs are unsteered which means that no individual mobile network is prioritised over another, the SIM simply connects to the strongest available signal, irrespective of network. It is important to bear this in mind when researching the right solution for your business, as many alternative solutions utilise steered SIMs which force the device to stay connected to their primary network, even if the signal is poor. V12’s unsteered SIMs not only prioritise the best connections for your devices, they also connect across all four of the UK’s cellular networks.

More helpful information about multi-network data sim card technology

Jargon buster

Data SIM card

A data SIM card provides users with a mobile Internet connection to their device. Although it does not provide mobile voice minutes or SMS texts, users can use applications like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook messenger to make calls and send texts.

Multi-network data SIM card

This is a data SIM card that roams across mobile networks. Steered multi-network data SIMs prioritise a primary network over others, even in situations where the signal is patchy. Unsteered SIMs prioritise the quality of connectivity to your device, irrespective of network and are therefore a preferred solution for providing a high quality connection.