The way we pay for things has been changing for a while: with high street bank branches closing daily, the ease of making online transactions and now COVID, use of cash as the de facto payment option is shrinking.  If you run a business, it’s almost inevitable that much of your sales are made using a method other than cash.

If your business uses PoS PDQ machines these are often powered by Bluetooth technology, but Wi-Fi or cellular connections are common too.  Such terminals are ideal for places like restaurants, cafés, or bars, where the card reader goes to the customer and not vice versa. But there are limitations in terms of wireless working range, and no single network has flawless coverage or service, and basic SIM cards leave you exposed. You need the most secure and reliable connectivity possible, no matter where you are.

Why do I need a multi-network data SIM?
If your company relies on cellular coverage to communicate remotely with devices or equipment and the mobile network fails, you have a significant problem. At V12 we offer a solution to that problem with our multi-network data SIM: a data SIM card that automatically connects to up to three networks.

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