Multi-Network Data SIMs are fast becoming the foundation on which logistics firms are building their future

Connectivity has long been of paramount importance to a wide range of business sectors and with the arrival of more affordable and robust hand-held devices, haulage and logistics businesses are also benefiting from the functionality constant access delivers.

The industry is going through something of a digital transformation as it shifts its processes to adapt to the vast changes in consumer behaviour with the incessant rise in online shopping and the demise of the high street.

The sector is facing a host of changes, from constantly evolving customer needs, think next day delivery, to driver shortages and the fight to reduce its carbon footprint. Having access to the right technology via automated solutions means that connected data can enable these changes. New arrivals in the industry are building from scratch with this technology as their backbone, those that are already established are racing to embrace the cloud.

To meet new demands, the industry is integrating a host of cloud-based apps to provide data and analytics which offer real-time reporting on cost, speed of delivery, vehicle performance, security and safety. These apps improve efficiency, allowing more mobile and responsive working and for many, the connectivity required to allow these solutions to be integrated whilst on the move is Multi-Network Data SIMs. These SIMs have access to all four of the UK mobile networks and automatically move from one provider to another, prioritising connectivity, as network coverage drops.

Access to constant connectivity enables fleet drivers and back-office employees to access the customer data, product inventories and exact time of delivery information they need.  Drivers are often seen as ambassadors for their firms and giving them access to the right data ensures that deliveries run smoothly and without disruption, providing what the customer needs every time.

With reliable connectivity, drivers can confidently use handheld devices that contain all relevant information about the shipment, regulations and necessary documents, as well as storing signatures. As fleet managers identify the preferred tech solutions which best suit their needs, additional IT service providers will focus on the sector further feeding its transformation and meeting new demand.

Haulage and logistics are alongside taxis, buses and other transportation businesses that have successfully trialled and adopted such SIMs. Multi-Network Data SIMs are here to allow the sector to adapt at pace, without having to worry about accessing connectivity, wherever they are operating.

Multi Network Data SIM