SML Group chooses V12 Multi-Network Data SIMs

Connectivity is critical for surveyors who operate in many varied locations across the UK. Utilising single-network data SIMs often means that information can’t be collected, or that weak connectivity can prevent data being transferred in a timely manner.

SML Group, an independent group of UK-based surveying companies, were unsatisfied with their existing Data SIM package which didn’t provide them with the UK coverage they needed, and so they looked to V12 Telecom for a solution.

Charles Rickett, Managing Director of V12 Telecom commented:

“We are always keen to work closely with customers to build bespoke solutions to solve specific problems. SML Group approached us as they needed wider connectivity for their deployments across the UK. In the last 24 months we have seen an increase in demand for Multi-Network Data SIMs across multiple sectors, with many different usage cases.”

SML Group offer a wide range of services from traditional land, rail & utilities surveying, to specialist subsidence monitoring and property data services that are all designed to provide cost savings to the construction, rail, valuation and insurance sectors. The SIMs themselves are utilised in several different ways, such as in devices that rely on GPS positioning, including drones, and portable GPR positioning for total station theodolites, as well as fixed installations used for target monitoring at civil engineering projects across the UK. These remote fixed installations not only reduce the need for onsite human presence making the job safer, they are also more cost effective for the end client and better for the environment.

Theodolite in the day time

Following an initial trial to test that the SIMs provided the necessary coverage, the solution was rolled out across multiple sites. SML Group have since added further SIMs, with the total number doubling since the start of the project.

Multi-Network Data SIM

Ashley Stone, Project Manager at SML Group said:

“We now get better connectivity and we are very pleased with the way the SIMs have been performing. What we’re looking for is the best chance of getting a signal and this is happening, wherever we are, in all locations. We are able to pitch our services knowing that we have the best possible connectivity with which we can capture all the data we need as part of our surveys”

Theodolite at night showing laser beam

V12’s Multi-Network Data SIMs offer access to all four of the UK’s mobile networks and they are unsteered, which is to say that they do not have a home network and so always connect to the strongest available network, whichever that is.

Many companies across multiple sectors are utilising IoT to track, monitor and manage data to provide a better service for their customers. With the Internet of Things (IoT) market set to witness growth of around 21% year on year*, the need for the best connectivity is now more important than ever for businesses to be successful and to grow.


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