Multi-Network Data SIMs are driving the Transport Sector

Multi-network data SIMs are now everywhere in the transport sector. It’s hard to jump in a taxi or hop on a bus without such technology being present.

This is because, as with most other industries, always-on connectivity wherever the vehicle is located offers a multitude of benefits. Multi-network data SIMs work well because they automatically shift from network to network to ensure connectivity at all times. This is clearly a win win for vehicles on the move.

Taxis are benefitting from SIMs for their PDAs to take easy card payments and tips; the same technology benefits taxi dispatch solutions so that taxi drivers can access the details about their jobs. The robust connectivity delivered also allows online security solutions to help keep drivers safe. This means that taxi drivers always have access to the realtime data that they need and can offer great customer service, plotting their routes with accuracy and even letting waiting customers know as they approach.

Back at the depot, their team know where they are and can advise them of any issues as they arise.  For customers, this means more likelihood of getting picked up on time with the driver having the right details to make them feel safe and also means that they can pay with the simple swipe of a card.

Buses are also using them with similar benefits and enabling valuable cctv solutions for both drivers and passengers, ensuring that everyone is safe. Both types of vehicle will also have a tracking device linked to a SIM to prevent against theft.

Public transport once formed the backbone of our cities and towns, but it has taken a bit of a hit in recent times, most recently from covid and people working from home. Bus users in London, for example, have fallen through the floor and failed to climb back up to pre-covid levels. It’s not just the pandemic to blame though, bus and rail trips are down by over 60% since the 1960s.

There are a number of explanations at play, including cost, safety and more convenience or simply that more people own cars and have the choice. Whatever the reason, it’s the perfect time for the sector to be embracing digitalisation to ensure that customer experience is at an all time high to encourage customers back out of their cars and back on to the network.

The growing use of private vehicles is having a detrimental affect on the climate. The private transport sector in the UK is responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than any other, so if public transport could offer a better customer experience this could really help. A simple plug and play technology, like data SIMs, can enhance the experience for both drivers and customers. It could also offer some really great benefits in more remote areas where network loss is even more of an issue, as many people rely on public transport for their every day lives.

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