Selling Voice and Data is easy when you partner with V12


At V12 we’ve always been big believers in building partnerships. Partnering not only means working on a value-add basis with our customers, it’s also teaming up with ICT specialists to help them to expand their portfolios and increase revenues in a disruption-free manner.

We have successfully worked with many organisations who are eager to offer more services to their customers, but who were initially reticent to sell voice & data services. This is because as with all solutions, new products can appear complex without access to the right skills in-house. These companies are now happily selling with our backing, meaning that they can increase their addressable market and add value to their existing customers, whilst also removing the need for them to engage with competitors.

We work with our partners to provide product training as well as guiding them every step of the way through a number of potentially unfamiliar areas such as number porting, provisioning, support and billing. As our partner landscape grows, we put its success down to the fact that we are continually tweaking our offering and asking ourselves how we can help our partners navigate through an ever-changing landscape of voice and connectivity products. Understanding not only what’s relevant right now, but also what products and technologies are coming down the line, is critical to building an expanded portfolio.

At its simplest, our role is to add value and to take away hassle. This is delivered by having our team always on-hand to answer queries, speak to customers, scope projects and to make sure that everything runs on time and with customer expectations in mind.

Partnering is great for business. It opens access to potential customers and elevates understanding of new markets and solutions. For V12, it means working with our peers in connected sectors to identify potential challenges and opportunities; it not only creates a community, it can also improve end user experience and allow us to celebrate joint wins.

When we meet potential partners, we often hear that they want the benefits of a larger portfolio, more diverse skills and increased resources, but without the budgetary or operational challenges associated with permanently scaling up. In the end, the partners we work with often get far more benefits than they ever imagined.

If you would like to understand more about partnering and how our wide range of voice and connectivity products can help you grow your business, please get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss your goals and to see how we could work with you to deliver value to your customers and to increase your revenues.