As the growth in customer demand for our multi-network data SIMs continues, the whole V12 team has been increasingly surprised by the diversity of brands and organisations approaching us or coming onboard.

Supplying everything from digital signage to luxury eateries, electric vehicle charging stations to large well-known event organisers and national surveying firms… it is clear that huge swathes of industries now understand the value the solution delivers. Many, post lockdown, are also adapting their businesses to require the agile style of connectivity and working that the solution enables.

We are fortunate that we chose to follow a consultative route with all our SIMs. This is primarily because it means we can make sure that all customers are getting the most out of them as quickly as possible. It also gives us a great understanding of the vast and varied industries that would benefit from trialling the product themselves for improved customer experience, increased revenues, and enhanced productivity.

What are the Benefits of Multi-Network Data SIMs?

Each new customer requires different functionality, delivery and configuration, but rather than getting into the nitty gritty for this post, we thought we would look at the fundamental benefits the solution delivers and thus why they are growing so widely in popularity.

Here are the top four benefits most customers are looking for, regardless of the industry they are operating in:

Robust, always-on connectivity

Any business operating or moving between multiple locations will benefit from the seamless transfer between providers that the SIMs offer. No matter the location, the best possible network coverage is harnessed. This negates the need and disruption caused by manually having to change SIMs or ordering SIMs for different fixed locations. It also avoids any interruption in data sharing – causing anything from a mild inconvenience to almost cataclysmic issues for the organisation.

Full control and flexibility

The SIMs are for data only and can be programmed to allow specific permissions and functionality so that their use cannot be abused. They can also be locked to a certain device and then unlocked and moved as required; we can also provide fixed IP addresses.

Aggregated data

Not sure which device will use the most data? That is no problem. There is no need to second guess which devices will be doing most of the work; we can pool the data to make it more affordable, enabling you to have the data allowance where you need it most.

Safer, easier, convenient working requirements

Our SIMs mean you can access the data, video footage and intelligence etc you need without having to send your workforce out to remote sites or hard-to-reach destinations. In practical terms, this means SIMs being used in drones, sensors, CCTV and GPS equipment. It also means that when manpower is scarce or during inhospitable weather, you can still get the data you need. You can also be alerted to faulty equipment and complete the necessary maintenance before it causes damage or costs more money.

With more and more businesses operating in disparate geographical areas or on the move, our guess is that eventually more businesses than not will be using the SIMs to work better, faster and smarter. If you would like to know more, please see our website.