Multi-Network Data SIMs mean fewer on-site visits, less cost and greater efficiency for organisations that rely on remote connected devices.

Direct Digital is an advertising company founded in 1999 to enable local businesses to promote products & solutions within their communities. The business has built a solid foundation based on customer experience, leading to more than 1,000 devices being installed around the UK. Its digital signage solutions are stationed in prominent locations with high footfall. Updated regularly, they showcase the latest offers; many of these deals are time critical so the business is committed to making sure that all of its devices are refreshed on time, every time. This requires robust and reliable connectivity.

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Direct Digital’s Challenge:

The business became digital in 2002 and to deliver a great service, its devices require constant connectivity to receive and feature updated customer adverts. Before working with V12, Direct Digital used a single-network SIM at each of its locations meaning that they couldn’t rely on one mobile network to connect all of their devices due to the wide range of locations involved. The resulting relationships and contracts with multiple providers were difficult to manage, both commercially and operationally.

When engineers were setting up a new location, they had to attend with four SIMs and choose the correct one, which added the extra admin burden of inventory management. If a mobile network went down in a particular area, an engineer had to be despatched to the site to ensure the right adverts were featured. With so many sites to cover, this incurred high costs thanks to the endless hours of engineers’ time and resources involved. The logistical challenge of managing the various suppliers, plus the cost of on-site visits, forced Digital Direct to look at alternatives.

Direct Digital’s IT Director, Steve Corsbie says:

“We already knew Multi-Net SIMs existed and they seemed like an obvious solution. We’d investigated them years ago but sadly the initial price point limited the ROI and so we chose not to proceed. We decided to look at them again recently and are delighted we did. Following detailed research we quickly settled on V12 as we knew we’d found the right provider.

“Communication was quick and easy and Charles and his team understood our pain points. They also took the time to plan a seamless rollout which made perfect sense for us both concerning a big project of retrofits and the installation of new devices. We will be working closely with V12 throughout this project.”

The V12 Solution:

Using Multi-Network Data SIMs means that engineers can now travel to any location with one SIM that will seamlessly and automatically swap networks to enable optimal connectivity. Engineer visits will be far less frequent, customer satisfaction will remain high and Direct Digital will no longer be concerned if one network goes down. Technical staff will benefit from a single portal to monitor and manage connectivity of the entire SIM estate as well as make it easier to keep an eye on costs. V12’s SIMs come with aggregated data, meaning that any data not used on one device can be shared with others. This was not possible previously with Single-Net SIMs.

Prior to working with V12 at least 5—10% of the estate suffered poor connectivity and required support due to individual network providers being down. This is no longer the case.

One of Direct Digital's remote devices in a healthcare setting
A Direct Digital remote device suspended from the ceiling of a retail outlet

Steve Corsbie adds:

“We see this as an investment in customer experience. The cost of the SIMs was like-for-like and should drastically lower our OPEX. After the initial project to replace existing SIMs in our 1,000-plus devices, we anticipate far fewer maintenance visits from engineers. Our equipment will be far more self-sufficient and this will give us more time to focus on customers and growth.”

Key Outcomes:

  • Self-sufficient devices requiring fewer, costly, on-site visits
  • Robust connectivity in any geographical area
  • No single point of failure due to mobile outage
  • Reduced back-office administration
  • Enhanced operations
  • Improved customer experience

Charles Rickett, Managing Director of V12 Telecom comments:

“We are delighted that Direct Digital chose to work with us and we very much look forward to retrofitting our SIMs to their existing sites and to rolling them out at new venues as they join the Direct Digital family.”

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